Apartamento 26

Apartamento 26


An influential, inspiring, and honest interiors magazine. International, well designed, simply written, and tastefully curated. It is an indispensable resource for individuals who are passionate about the way they live.

Featuring: Martine Rose, Carlo Rovelli, Anne Holtrop, James Wines, Kali Malone, Bernadette Després, Charles Perry, Manuel Núñez Yanowsky, Park Seo-Bo, Ottessa Moshfegh, Andrea Branzi, Olivier Mosset, Tunde Wey, and Thomas Demand.

Plus: Willi Smith’s life on Lispenard, a conversation on the Indigenous Australian concept of Country, a selection of Luigi Ghirri interiors by Matt Connors, and ‘Funny body’, a short story by Yelena Moskovich.

344 pages 17 x 24cm

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