Mystical Places
Mystical Places Mystical Places Mystical Places

Mystical Places

Amy Grimes

by Sarah Baxter (Author), Amy Grimes (Illustrator)

Travel writer Sarah Baxter expertly curates the world's most wonder-filled sites where magic is made manifest. Filled with beautifully bewitching illustrations, this guide aims to transport you, in the comfort of your own armchair, to sacred and mystical spots, digging into their legends and evoking their supernatural essence.

Take a magical pilgrimage to Alfaborg, the City of Elves; marvel at the otherworldly splendour of Xandadu, the heart of a lost dynasty; and discover the gateway to the afterlife in the Alepotrypa Cave. In these pages we meet mythical kings, explore sacred summits and enchanted architecture, and find a cast of giants, ghosts, golems and sea creatures.

Hardback 144 pages 15 x 22cm

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